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Shogun total war mongol invasion download

Shogun total war mongol invasion

Shogun: Total War – the Mongol Invasion expansion pack. Set in the Mongol invasion of Japan, this expansion pack features additional content, missions and the new playable faction of the Mongols. Historically the Kublai Khan, leader of the Mongols met catastrophic weather on the journey to Japan and so the invasion. Shogun: Total War and The Mongol Invasion (also called Shogun: Warlords Edition) Shogun and its add-on are the first in the Total War series. It has fewer units than Medieval but each unit serves a distinct purpose and all of them have a use. For this guide all stats come from my UK English copy, which has been patched. 30 May The Mongol Invasion was the first and only expansion pack to Shogun: Total War. It was developed by the Creative Assembly. Its main addition was to add a new campaign set in , hypothesizing a successful Mongol landing in Japan. This campaign had only 2 factions, the Hojo (possessing all of.

[edit]. IGN gave The Mongol Invasion a score of out of 10 and called it "a good expansion pack".


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