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recently my email via entourage (comcast accout) has stopped sending and only receives. have talked to comcast, we tried several things like changing ports and such, to no avail. i can sign in to my comcast account onliner and both send and receive, but using enourage i can only receive. when i try to. All of a sudden Entourage won't send emails but I can receive. I have Office and Mac OS X I called Comcast and tried changing the ports, no luck. Anyone. 13 Feb I recently set-up an exchange email account with Entourage but no matter what I do Entourage will not delete any of the emails. None of the keyboard shortcuts work or the delete option in the toolbar. I have to individually drag each message to the trash folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated!.

Crashes and Hangs; Unable to Connect; Connects but doesn't do anything; Receives messages but won't send; Sends messages but won't receive; Garbled or Blank All sending and receiving is done by schedules in Entourage: if your mail account is not in the schedules you are using, it will never send or receive. Unable to Connect - Connects but doesn't do. Receives messages but won't send. This is likely only if you are connected to a POP server. In the Post Office Protocol, the sending and receiving servers are different pieces of software, and often, on different computers. Work carefully through the steps in Setting Up an Account to ensure that all of your account details are. 27 Apr I have an e-mail received a while back that was partially downloaded (half an envelope icon), and it won't delete. The message isn't on my Gmail Web client, and it won't delete in Entourage because it says the message header isn't on the server. I've tried creating a rule that deletes it but that doesn't work.

27 May Password: The password that Entourage should provide when connecting to the mail server to receive your messages. Passwords are frequently case-sensitive — for example, if your password is mypassword and you type MYPASSWORD, you won't be able to receive your messages. In Entourage, you. 15 Oct I use Microsfoft Entougage to for accessing my POP mail account, and all has been working fine up until a few days ago. About 2 weeks ago I changed my ISP to a broadband wireless set up (it's an iBurst wide area wireless network), and have been using this connection to send and receive emails via. In reply to: Entourage Won't Open PLEASE HELP! com/thread/?start=0&tstart=0. It appears you have to look for other folders with rules too,. As to the old emails, I don't use this software and therefore have no procedure for backup and restore. I have to hope someone.


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