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Minecraft big empty house

7 Sep This is a large empty house that I just built in my city resort. Two floors and a large attic with a 2 car garage attached. All set up for dividing into smaller rooms or keeping for a large layout. Done with the Painterly Pack Texture Pack but looks fine in default. Walls are double thick to. Built by TeitoKlein Yamraiha Download map now! The Minecraft Project, Empty House, was posted by TeitoKlein. I whas bored and i made a huge mansion for people who dont want to build houses on there own. And its just for fun..f It has already a front yard with a brid.

15 Apr All woodland mansions have these in common: they typically have 2–3 floors, with a wide variety of different rooms, and generate a cobblestone foundation underneath the entire structure (much as a village house does). The top floor is always a bit smaller than the main floor or floors below. A large foyer. The mansion already has a lot of basic stuff like a dining hall, kitchen, bar & grill, recreational room, multiple washrooms/bedrooms, etc. The only thing I can really think of is to make it a small meeting area or something, but that seems kinda lame to me. It's just one room and not a huge deal, but, still, does.


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